Why be a theist? Why do you believe that YOUR god is the right one? Is it worth wasting your life if you're wrong?

I am an agnostic atheist, so tbh I don't know if there is a god or not. If credible evidence presents itself then I will be more than happy to drop the atheist label but I'm not seeing anything.

Deism is way more plausible as a belief in a creator, but all this worship and sin and what have you with theism is just bullshit. What's the point? I mean, your whole belief is made up of logical fallacies. For example, appeal to ignorance (X has not been proven false therefore X true) and appeal to consequence (X is true/false because accepting that statement produces a positive/negative result).

To elaborate on the appeal to consequence fallacy of your belief.. let's say you are a Christian and you have modified your behaviour and lifestyle, suppressing all of your "sinful" natural urges (curiosity, doubt, sexual desire, sexual orientation, human nature in general) all of your life and then you die and go into the after-life (if there is one) and it turns out that Islam was in fact the correct religion? What then? Allah would be quite upset, I'd imagine. He doesn't take a liking to Jews or Christians, as they are pals according to the Quran.

Do you *really* believe your sacred books (e. g. The Bible, The Quran etc.)? Read everything in your holy book and tell me you believe that fantasy with a straight face. The stories in those books are fucked up to say the least, and you believe in that bullshit. I mean, sure, maybe there actually was a Jesus but I seriously doubt he was brought back from the dead, walked on water or that he made wine from water or fish out of bread or whatever that bullshit is.

Another thing. All of the asshole extremists of the world are the ones who are truly taking your religion seriously (e. g. ISIS, The Army of God). If you read your holy book you will see that all of the rape, murder, incest, child molestation, slaughter and bigotry sort of correlates with the worldview of these extremist assholes.


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  • Well, you sound like you already have counter points and formed arguments prepped to go so you can have a go ol' fashioned flame war, but ill answer anyways.

    Many people who follow do so out of tradition, but what of new converts, or those old and wise enough to make a formed opinion? I believe people stick to their religion because the lead a better and happier life for it. Of course you can point to out lying data such as "Well this person was abused because of such and such religion" but we aren't talking about outsiders, we are talking about the common man, and the common man has a happy life when he follows a code of conduct.
    In regards to those codes of conducts, we, as a people, may label them as a strict set of rules set by a religion "ei. Catholicism" but in truth, the religion in question means something different to each person, such as different opinions about "the pill" (and also how we get out-lying incidences of religion based misery).

    So people follow religion because the common man likes structure. Now. for the other question of "what will you do if you get to heaven and a different god is there?" this is my thought.

    Faithfully, I am catholic, and follow the catholic religion as best as I can. Logically, If religion is to be looked at as a whole, I would assume either all are false, or all are correct. It may be a case of a Supreme Being (God) creating or imparting the wisdom to create multiple religions for multiple people because it leads to be best outcomes for the species.

    Then the question comes, "won't you feel foolish if you get there and find out it doesn't matter?" Perhaps i would, but I believe that my life would have been better for my faith. It's also possible that with the transcendence between one life and the next, we may not give a shit if we followed the proper religion. We may look back at our lives and see it as a dream we had. (foolish thought, perhaps, but less so when you consider that this person will be walking into eternity, likely meaning that concept of time and events will be different,

    Since we mentioned religion based misery, I suspect people use it as an excuse, rather then a tool of justice, and lie to themselves until it becomes truth in their mind.

    That's my thought anyways...


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  • Hi, I've been brought up in church by my parents but only recently have I really believed I am a Christian. I'm 17 so still very young and I've never seen or witnessed anything that proves to me that God exists. Instead I have chosen just to believe and trust that God does exist and he is the greatest man that ever lived. Actually I would say I have definitely witnessed God working in other people's lives as well as my own. For me that is enough proof for me at this young age and it's an amazing feeling when you can feel and notice a change in yourself. I look back on my life even at the beginning of 2015 and I can proudly say God has really made me a happier person. I strive to be the best I can be and I want to share the word of God. Of course I respect other people's religions and views, and I completely understand why an agnostic atheist like yourself, who (correct me if I am mistaken) hasn't been brought up to know God or in a Christian family, would have any reason to believe in a God. I believe you have to trust, which I have demonstrated by going to church every week for almost my whole life and hoping and believing that God does exist and it's not all a waste of time. I actually remember praying once or twice last year, asking that God would reveal himself to me in some amazing way, maybe visually! (That's never happened to me of course) but he has taught me that I don't need to see him to believe in him, but I just feel it in me that he's there and I think until you experience something like this, only then will you really know God and believe in him.
    ps. Sorry if anything didn't make sense, I tried my best haha, everything I've said I really believe though :)


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  • I'm agnostic Eastern Orthodox myself, so I'm somewhat sympathetic to your post though it isn't as relevant to me. The reason being that there is some wiggle-room for universalism (apokostatasis) in Orthodox theology. Ss. Gregory of Nyssa, Basil the Great, and Origen of Alexandria held such views. That said, it's my view that a person's eternal salvation isn't determined by what religion they follow but more so by whether or not they are good people, which isn't necessarily reliant upon their religion.

    Furthermore, salvation in Orthodox theology isn't merely an acquittal verdict but actually a lifelong process of being conformed to the image and likeness of God as partakers of the divine nature. It is ontological, often compared to healing. This is called Theosis. Hence why it isn't as simple to make absolutist statements nor to view God solely as a judge. The analogy our Church Fathers use is more commonly that of a doctor. This is why there is some wiggle room for universalism.

    Now why do I choose my religion over others? Well to generalize, I do believe that monotheism is superior to polytheism. The reason being that the advent of science has proven that there is nothing supernatural about the natural processes of our world. Hence monotheism is logically superior. Plus, the pagan thinking of antiquity was that a religion's truth value was determined by how successful it was. Well monotheism succeeded over paganism so the pagan thing to do would be to become monotheistic.

    Why do I choose my monotheistic faith over others? To me it's the Incarnation. My whole faith is banking on the fact that there was a Jew 2,000 years ago who rose from the dead and thus was in fact God. I study the patristics and writings from the time, and I think it is at least possible, though I wouldn't fault others for disbelieving.

    But to me the Incarnation is the only thing that makes God worth worshipping. It is the only solution to the problem of evil that I am willing to accept. If God is just passive and distant like in Judaism and Islam, then I want nothing to do with him. But if he actually wrote himself into the saga by becoming Incarnate and suffering everything that we suffer including the most excruciating death imaginable, then I am willing to trust him and obey his religion.

    • by the way, the Orthodox Church doesn't insist on a wholly literalistic interpretation of the Bible. In fact, such a notion is actually very modern, being stemmed in the Protestant 1978 Chicago Statement. But the testimony of the Church has always been allegory, symbolism, and a deeper meaning. This was the approach of Origen as well as almost all of the Alexandrian Fathers, as well as most of the patristics like St. Basil the Great.

    • Thank you for answering.

  • Religion is just organised superstition. Don't try to understand it.

  • well not all religions are the same so dont talk about them as a whole , now why people believe? because they do the evidence i have is enough for me , you want a god/prophet to come down from heaven and say " well iam here for you " ... yeah that won't happen , it defies the point of believing if you are actually waiting for any of that to happen , i hear a lot stories , a lot of the things that happen , things that shouldn't be possible , things that people can't do , but it happens with the help of someone, something a greater power , how do you explain that?

    • No, I'm addressing theism as a whole.

      How do I explain those anecdotal experiences? Lies, hallucinations, delusions, coincidences, placebo effects.. The list goes on. I just don't understand why someone would put so much faith in a claim.

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    • you think you know something because you have a smartphone, computer and an ipad? or because you read articles about stuff... there is evidence a lot of it , god cares about you but i can't say the same about people because people are people , no one is going to take your hand and walk you to the scene where it happened so you have to deal with it or just go there yourself , a lot of these youtube videos are real and the pope himself approved it , do you know how much thouts , studies and efforts go into researching each and every incident? do you think the vatican just claims these things are true for the fun of it? no they send priests and researches who spend months or even years invistigating to see if they people are lying or not , just because you have technolgoy it doesn't mean religion is wrong and you are right , it just means we are advancing and becoming more technologically advanced , yet it still can't prove some things wrong.

    • Lol.

      That's all I can say. Just lol.

  • This sure has a lot to do with Sexual Behavior.

  • Lol theists will come back with: "is it worth wasting eternity if you are wrong?"

  • It's interesting to note that besides Christianity, Islam is the only other monotheistic religion out there that demands exclusivity. I'd say that makes them unique compared to other religions.

    Also between the two, Islam is the one that demands the believer to kill the nonbelievers or else force them to convert. That should go a long way in determining which one is the true religion.

    Another difference between the two is Christianity doesn't tell you to focus on your sin or "suppress your sinful urges", it tells you to acknowledge you need Christ to save you from your sins. It's more of a spiritual submission to God, while Islam's is a physical submission because you are forced by others to convert or die.

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