Can't understand what it means?

When girls look at me they dont smile or give expression. They will look in my eyes and then end eye contact immediatly. I dont look like serial killer or psycho. What does this mean. I look strange or they want me to approach?


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  • OK ether she dig you, intimidated by you, or she spaced out.

  • Women are awkward as fuck. They should go back to the kitchen where they belong... instead of destroying men and our civilization

    • what does this mean. Women try to show me down?

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    • I've told you, and men have been telling this since the beginning of time... no matter which corner of the world they came from!

      Now if you want to believe the feminists and dig your own grave by supporting these evil creatures... I can't stop you from being a traitor to mankind

    • I hate femenists but like intelligent women

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