Is this guy not making plans because of his sickness, or something else?

This guy I used to date keeps messaging me and calling me that he misses me and he wants to see me, and saying maybe he will come see me soon. Keeps saying he wants to go on vacation together. But why didn't he set a day yet, it's been over a week that we are talking, almost two. He also wants to see pics of me. I said nothing sexual, he said fine but it is a challenge for him. I told him I will not say yes. Recently he had a heart attack, he is healing but said he is getting better not working now though. He sounds weak on the phone.

I don't get him why is he keep flirting with me and talking to me and saying he misses me and wants to see me?

I am not sure if:

1-He is sick from his heart problems, maybe has erectile issues or he gained a lot of weight or both, from his medication and healing, and maybe now he is insecure about presenting himself but craves female attention.

2-Maybe he is lonely and too sick to really go out

3-Maybe he is just using his illness as a ploy to get attention and he can't get it the way he normally could.

He's aways been the type to need a lot of reassurance and validation... asking do you want me, did you miss me.

But since he got sick, he suddenly switched to "I want you. I miss you. I want to see you" constant... and I say so let's make plans, he says ok but sometimes he changes the subject instead of actually planning yet keeps messaging me...

I am starting to feel like I have a phone buddy more than anything else... we hadn't spoken in a long time since way before he got sick.

What gives?

I liked him a lot but he isn't delivering what I want


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  • To me sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. It sounds he wants you but when you stay to say what give, he backs off. Heart attacks normally are not as bad as people thing "neither are most health issues" lots of people use them to get dates. Just be a friend and it's bugging that much just talk to him! Me I don't stay friends with people makes like a lot easier.


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  • ugh... girl say no more! Apple to the rescue!!! He is the e type to need a lot of reassurance and validation ! he sounds like my cousin... yeah he only doing that for himself because he selfish... so i am guessing you make him feel better and wants fapping pictures... You can't cure or fix or understand that mentally i try but its hard nope... just leave him... u don't want be with this guy so stop thinking about him... do something fun today... forget he even mattered!

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