If you lady had a friend that said whoo Ashley is that your boyfriend ?

So yesterday after work my friend La La
Said whoo Ashley is that your boyfriend.
Of course I laughed and said la la he is not my boyfriend
Yet. I was like oops I look over and mike was just smiling
But we just told each have happy Thanksgiving he
Went right to his bus I went right to mean. I totally blushed
In front of mike when I said that. Is it good he just smiled.

Why did I blurt it out like that I mea I do it a lot on the work floor when he isn't there
My friends are goofy and I kind of warned mike ottis about them
And We goofy around about me liking him he knows that too.
I am glad I haven't scared him off. I am sometimes afraid my friends might scare him
Off. Plus it let him know I can wait for him. But still th st was pretty funny.
Why do we blurt out things when are friends say something around a guy we like.
These guy is handsome thats a picture of him below. Mike ottis and me are getting along pretty good We still talk to each other as much as we can. We still talk Sundays if he is not busy with his family which I understand. Family is important to me. Family seems important to him he hangs out with his older brother a lot on Saturdays and sundays he lets me call him and sometimes he calls me. It's going good. I am surprised I haven't scared him which I don't want too. He is really sweet like if I am upset he saw that I have cried mike ottis well say are you okay. I well go yeah just lady drama.
He goes oh I sometimes well say I well tell him liked he goes okay and kind of laughs. Which makes me smile. He got a sweetheart He is really good with his friends even the ones that are goofy ones. I am always happy to see him he always smiles at me and we always walk to get her at 2:45 to are bus only on Fridays for now because I am in class all day Wednesdays . Is these all good

if you lady had a friend that said whoo Ashley is that your boyfriend  ?


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  • It sounds like he likes you more than a friend.

    • Mike ottis and me both agreed to hang out before we decide to date
      We tease each other a lot. I kind of like it he gets along with my friends I get along with his
      So that well be Good.

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    • I am jealous lol :P but I hope he asks you out. Or you get the courage too.

    • Yeah Mike ottis and me are just waiting to hang out before
      We decide to take it to the next step , my mom says that's a good thing
      That why mike ottis and me both know when we are ready
      I could wait from him as long as I have to. Hopefully the Same for him.

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