Is one more justified then the other?

Would you judge them the same

Someone who get plastic surgery to repair birth abnormalities that don't affect health or repair/cover something that happened due to an accident.


Someone who gets cosmetic work such as a nose job or boob job.

Both are asthetic bc they don't affect health but one s due to normal genetics while the other is due to abnorlities or accidents.
I don't think someone has to have a reason if they want plastic surgery. If they want it, it's their choice. But I'm asking those who are against it.


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  • Neither has to justify their decisions to anybody.

    • Of course they don't. I'm just asking ppls perspectives on plastic surgery.

    • If they want it, it's their business.

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  • In the case of burns , accidents, etc I see nothing wrong but just for sheer vanitiy I'm 100% against


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