How to boost my credit scores from good to great?

All of my credit scores are safely within the 700 range. However, I am wanting to crack the 800 mark. I get credit card offers in the mail nearly every day. I only have 1 credit card, and I tend to use no more than 10% of its credit card utilization per monthly billing cycle. I always pay off the balance by the due date. However, despite the fact that I pay off everything on time, sometimes my credit score takes a negative hit. It seems as if they occasionaly punish me for being "too perfect," with regards to credit.

So, what other things could I do, or do differently, to take my credit scores to the next level? Should I apply for one more credit card? Maybe two? Should I perhaps keep a balance on what I owe the credit card company (ies) instead of paying off the balance? How about pawning something at a pawn shop to establish a new line of credit? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.


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  • Umm... Silly little apple here! Happy thanksgiving!!! also, just buy something worth like 2000 dollars and pay for it little by little it build up your credit score... My mom did and she slowly rise up!


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  • No idea really but isn't being a grown up great people just give u money.