I'm in love with a male celeb and I am a straight guy?

First of all, i am neither gay nor a beta male, i actually have a girlfriend, there is this male celeb i have been stalking a lot, bollywood celeb siddharth malhotra and i am googling him all the time, he is the world's handsomest man and so smart and charismatic, i mean what a man, beautiful chap, tall, dark and handsome and intelligent (like me ;) xD), must have been created in a lab or sth, anyway i am imagining us together in very weird situations like we would be like brothers/ wingmen at the club, fuck even movie co stars lol. It was okay in the beginning, i used to check out his fitness blog and all, but now its become unhealthy, help

and just to confirm, nothing sexual lol


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  • You have a favorite celeb. There's nothing wrong with that!

  • You got too much time on your hands. Find another interest to occupy yourself so you don't look him up


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