Why do feminists use children to defend themselves?

I see a lot of Feminists saying hitting a woman is like hitting a child, are they stupid or what? how can someone be so low to compare themselves to a child?


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  • I don't think they literally meant to compare themselves to a child but it's the closest way to describe an impact coming from a much stronger person.

    It's similar to a stronger, young man hitting a 60-70 old fart. That too would have similar impact. The old man (unless he's retired martial artist that still remembers all the moves) is at disadvantage there, even if it were a rude old man.

    Overall, it's wrong for anyone to hit someone. It's also wrong to escalate a situation further. If you have the option to walk away and report it do so. Unless there is no other option and your life is at stake, then do what you gotta do.

    • Lol hitting a old man would be far less worse than hitting a child, it shocks me that people with such mentality exist. No wonder the society is fucked up because of such people.

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    • That's as close as I can explain it. Notice I didn't include children in my example.

    • Yes but it's still completely to hitting a child. They know what they are doing and should expect consequences for their actions, they are not children they are comparing themselves to so they should not be treated as such that's so pathetic lol. Although good attempt.

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  • Hitting a woman is like hitting in a child in that you should not hit people. Why is that lowering yourself?

    A person that hits someone as a solution to a problem or as discipline is not emotionally developed enough to deal with their anger in more productive ways.

    Why do you want to be hitting people so badly, anyway?

    • I am not trying to hit anyone but if a woman uses a child to defend herself or prove herself right then she is a joke! you can't use a child to compare yourself too, that is absurd! and pathetic, you are comparing yourself with a child, that is low to me and shows a lot about you. If you can't see that i feel sorry for you.

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    • So you don't understand analogies...

    • If you think so feel free to believe that but i stand by my views.

  • lol who said that I don't see the connection

    • That's what i am talking about, they are crazy and stupid.

    • yes the ones who use feminism to hide behind shitty ideas are stupid but real feminists believe in equality

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  • While you just hit a person either way

  • Um, it's not only feminists. You'll always hear things like "women and children" during war, evacuations, etc and I'm pretty sure it's not feminists saying it.

    • Lol it's so stupi

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    • Although now that you made me think i would never hit a child. Although i would a woman.

    • Glad i made you laugh! (: