I really like this girl best way to ask her to prom?

whats the most romantic way to ask her to prom, all my ideas are unrealistic


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  • Just ask her to prom with flowers, becuse who dosent like flowers. and if she is a white girl bring Starbucks and every girl likes chocolate or just candy hah

    • i was gonna do something huge and you guys just want food and flowers lol

    • A hahha but we like are food and girly shit haha at least I do. But if you want to do somthing big, u have to find out what her fave things are first. That you know she would like haha

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  • Just ask her. There really isn't a "best way" to ask someone to prom. Just go up to her and say. "Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in going to prom with me?" worse thing to happen is you get a no.


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