How Big is the Drug Culture today?

this includes marijuana which i still belive is a drug. within answering this question can you please also put the country that you live in.


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  • Well yes, marijuana is a drug... but so are things such as coffee or chocolate. In fact, some of the legal drugs - namely alcohol and tobacco - are far more dangerous than some of the illegal drugs. For example a research by British scientists has shown that alcohol is about as destructive to the human body as heroin.

    But I assume what you meant to ask was what the drug culture in terms of illegal drugs is like. I live in Switzerland and it's not really big here. There are some drugs in America that don't even exist in my country, probably the most notable ones are crack and meth (both are very cheap drugs and are thus directly related to intense poverty but because we don't have any real poverty in my country, we don't have any meth- or crack-users).
    Also, heroin is practically inexistent. It used to be a really big problem back in the 1970s and 1980s but then, Switzerland changed its drug approach. Instead of being very oppressive and having lots of law and order policies, Switzerland decided to give away free heroin to heroin-addicts. This sounds crazy at first but it was the path to success. Instead of heroin-addicts lingering around on the streets, getting infected with HIV because they were sharing needles etc. and committing crimes to buy their daily hits, everyone who needs it can nowadays go to a special office that exists in every big town. All you need to do is write down your contact information and sign some papers and then you can go there every day during the office hours and you are provided with a fresh, sterile needle and a small amount of heroin or a similar substitute drug. It's something that has worked extremely well for Switzerland in the past three decades. The government has realized that treating heroin-addicts like criminals doesn't work. Most people who take heroin have been addicted to drugs already too long to be healed. So instead of making their lives even harder, the government de facto decriminalized the use of heroin so that these people can do their drug in an environment that is clean and safe (there's also a medical professional present in these government offices).

    The only illegal drug that is widely consumed is marijuana. About 5-10% of the population smoke it (but most of them in a healthy, moderate way). Marijuana is illegal in Switzerland but it's only a misdemeanor, so you just have to pay a small fine if you get caught.
    Unfortunately, still a lot of people smoke tobacco however.

    • Thank you for a well researched and informative answer. I agree that Alcohol and Tobacco are horrible for your body and are very destructive therefore i have never had a cigarette and have never been drunk (only having one drink every few months). I do think that Marijuana is a drug and is bad for your mind. i know many people who's minds and personalities have been changed by the drug causing diseases such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia. Also something to keep in mind is that smoking Weed is 50-70% more cancerous than cigarettes. I am from a family filled with medical professionals and scientist so i have asked questions to them about Marijuana and they say it is more dangerous than most people think. I never thought I would say this (because i am very anti drugs) but I think the approach that Switzerland has to drugs is great because it is getting the addicts off the street making the danger factor non existent, but i will do more research on it. Thank you!

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  • Anyone who doesn't believe marijuana is a drug is an idiot

    It's worse than a hundred years ago. Back then people had common sense


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  • I'm in South Africa, drugs are HUGE over here

    • that seems sad to me. well Que Sara Sara.

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