Am I wrong for blocking her?

My ex was trying to get our relationship back desperately.. and I wasn't really into her for doing me like that.

She broke up with me for someone else and when he dumped her a week later she came back to me like I was her 2nd option. So no I didn't take her back I was friendly and nice but I wasn't taking her back.

She messaged me flirting and of course I didn't respond then she throws a fit saying fine I'm done trying to get our relationship back.

Literally 10 seconds later she messaged me all kinds of heart emojis and I got tired of all of it.. So I blocked her. And I don't plan on unblocking am I wrong?

And even though I'm single there's a girl I like... I told her that.. and I told her that the other girl wouldn't do me like that I've known her for 3 years so I know what she's like... Am I wrong?


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  • no you're not wrong at all

    • Thank you so much

    • of course. if she makes a fake account or something then you can file for harassment.
      but nah you're fine, dont let her get to you.

    • Yeah if she does make one I'll file. Unless she's got the hint and stops

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  • You're not wrong, you see right through her and you don't want to have another person with her in order for her to realize that she made the mistake of breaking up with you for him (now an ex).

  • Nope you are in the right keep it moving and stay strong.

  • Nah man, you're better off without crazies in your life. Keep her blocked, and don't stress about it.

    • Trying not to I just hope she doesn't get too down... I tried to tell her..

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