How to change my promise in good way help?

Ok I promised my friend I will give him my mobile bc I'm not using it anymore but now I changed my mind but I feel shy or embarrassing to tell him this, also this guy don't have word like he would say I will come today then he don't come and in general he have no word so I guess it's not big deal if I just say I changed my mind? Or something else?


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  • Just say you were supposed to meet but he never showed so you got rid of it.

    • But I'm kind that have a word and I don't run from my promises doing what you have said it will make me show as I don't have a word I know I must not care to do this with him bc he have no word but I don't like it it's just not me. Any other solution?

    • Technically you made an agreement, when he didn't complete his part of it, showing up, then the agreement is nullified.

    • Can you explain more?