Her car is called Liam?

I was talking to the girl I like and the conversation turned to the cars we own.

She owns a Lexus who she calls Liam.

Anyway, she said something like "Liam drives me" ... I laughed because it sounds kind of wrong and she laughed to and said "oh shut up!" and then she said "My mum and I share Liam" and I laughed again and shit hit me.

Does she like me?


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  • its pretty common for people to give names to their car... but back to your question yea... seems like she likes you

    • Hmm well I don't, but we've Christened it Freddie now.

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    • So you think she likes me? Should I get to know her a bit more before asking her out?

    • get to know her more a little bit

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  • Yes because of this she definitely wants you to fuck her brains out.


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  • why would that mean she likes you?

    anyways, i haven't decided on my car's name so right now, i'm going with uncle truckus... no relation

  • It depends on her nature. If she is jolly then maybe she likes you.
    But relation not always starts in first meeting.