Have you accomplished your goals for this year?

Did you follow what you plan to do or you end up doing something else? Do you regret it or feel thankful it happened?

One more month to go, there's still chance :)


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  • Nope, I still haven't finished any App or Game :/

    • aww. goodluck on your work (did you mean to create an app?)...

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    • you forgot? lol. sorry now you feel pressured

      what genre is the game?

    • Well, the game I was working on was a planet-based game, but I stopped working on it :(. One month to release an app/game is not gonna work for me so I guess I failed this year.

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  • I don't know if I made any goals. Cause I knew I wouldn't accomplish them.

    • so you just go with the flow. that's cool too. live by the day and enjoy the moment :)

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