Cheapest way to get broken car home? please help?

my car broke down 4 hours away from home. its at a shop but they are ripping us off so we want to bring it back home instead and get a friend to fix it.

Its at least $900 just to tow it back home...

i looked at uhaul, but I think they need to have my car in advanced to see if its safe to drive with in on trailer? but obviusly i wouldn't have my car with me...

is there any other ways to bring it home for cheap?

Im from a big city in VA, car stuck in a small town in VA.


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  • It might be a bit of a pain but if you know someone with a truck and a tow chain. Just head over there and tow that suckered yourself


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  • No I am from VA! Also... i don't see any way unless you know someone who can pick your car up!