A guy wrote me this poem. What do you think he is trying to say to me?

She's got cherry lips, angel eyes, she knows exactly how to tantalize, she's out to get you danger by design, cold blooded vixen she don't compromise
She's something mystical in colored lights, so far from typical but take my advice
Before you play with fire do think twice, and if you get burned don't be surprised.


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  • I never understood the English poetry I don't like it


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  • You're beautiful.
    In fact your beauty is hypnotizing.
    You're different from the rest...
    All of that pulls a person in.
    You're too good to be true.
    because you are, it's very possible that you are out to hurt.
    Someone too good to be true like you , just does not exist.

    • This is all in his perception in how he paints you.
      for some reason he believes he won't find happiness.

    • Don't take offensive

      Reassure him that you loved the poem. Let him know you won't hurt him. You are opposite and "good" but "true"

    • *offense

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  • I have no clue... But if he sent u a poem i think he likes you

  • You are a dangerous whore.


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