How many times have you seen someone punched in a movie and thought it was well deserved?

I still think this is a funny scene.

If you want to know what was the reason:
- Cinderella (aka Danielle in the movie) finds the mean blonde stepsister and stepmother attempting to try on her mother's dress and shoes.

- Cinderella is upset, confronts them, grabs her late mother's shoes and tells mean stepsister ''These are my mother's'' (obviously, it's rude to take someone else's stuff without even asking)

- Mean stepsister sarcastically replies ''Yes and she's dead''... that's when she gets punched and ends up with a black eye afterwards.


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  • The best part is not when the peace of shit of the movie finally gets that punch that their face has been deserving for so long. The best is when they actually admit they screwed up and are shit. Movie where the asshole comes to the realization that they are the asshole are few and far between but they are the best. Can't recall one now though.


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