Friendship bracelet idea!!! Need help?

Ok so Christmas is almost here and i wanted to give my best friend a homemade friendship bracelet. The hard part is that he is a guy and i dont want to put "best friends" on each bracelet because i want it to be different. So i really need some help with what i could put on each bracelet. A word that's not long like how i said "best" on one bracelet and "friend" on the other. Any ideas on what i could put?

Thank you!😁😊


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  • Well you don't have to do a bracelet with words on it, you can if you want though. For one of my guy best friends' birthday at the end of October I used embroidery thread, which is kinda thicker than sewing thread and comes in all colors (you could probably find it at Walmart if you don't have it) and I made him a fishtail bracelet. You could also entwine the embroidery threads in different patterns.

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