The issues with Self Value?

This is something I, and many others struggle with.

I find it hard to value myself very much, and don't really know how to change that.

Saw something interesting that may help explain it.

Kanye said one good girl is worth 1000 bitches.
little Wayne said bitches are a dime a dozen.
So according to their math...
12 bitches=$0.10
$0.10/12=0.0083¢ per bitch
Thanks to the keen intellect of Yeezy and Weezy, we now know that a good girl is about $8.33 apiece. Know your worth people.

And really, even if you are the a good girl.. what can you really buy anymore for $8.33?


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  • As I just wrote in another post, "love" is a free-market economy. There are values assigned to everything and everyone, and everyone wants to get the most value for the "treasure" they trading.

    From a money perspective, Kanye and Wayne may have a high value, but from a moral and cultural perspective, they are as bankrupt as an 80-year-old ugly Tijuana whore. Perhaps it's best not to judge yourself on their warped and distorted scale of value.

    It's also worthwhile to understand something about salesmanship. Consider a used car dealer. If you bring your car into him to sell, he's going to list all of the things wrong with your car and why he can only give you $1000 for it, even though you only bought it 6 months ago for $5000. Ultimately, he'll give you $1200, and you'll be half-convinced he did you a favor. Yet, tomorrow, he's going to try to convince interested buyers that this same car is worth $6000, not a penny less, and will be able to tell you all the reasons why this is so.

    What is the "truth"? Well, things DO have some intrinsic value (perhaps an objective person might assign the worth of the car as $4500), but that value can also be adjusted based on PERCEIVED value - and it is this perception a salesman tries to manipulate to get you to take less or spend more.

    Everyone needs to be honest with themselves about their intrinsic value - and if you really don't know, ask 20 people, and take an average; it won't be far off. Once you know that, then you need to be a salesman, and work on adjusting others perceptions, so that you can maximize your own value and get the most from any "trades" you do. Some of that perception may require physical work - improving your appearance/style, improving your financial situation, moving out into your own place, etc., but some of it is going to require MENTAL work/effort - learning to believe in your value and even to talk UP your own value with confidence. Understand that relationships are a negotiation, and believing in yourself is almost certainly going to help you get a better "deal" on the open market.

    For Betwyn specifically, understand that the early loss of your father (the source of most young girls' self esteem) and emotional abuse from your mother has caused you to greatly undervalue yourself - FALSELY. That isn't your fault, but now only you can change it, by opening your mind to the possibility of change.


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  • First off you need to stop trolling! I GET IT GURL YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR WORTHLESS! Yes there are a lot of pretty girls with great body or awesome personality but you can't focus on the world. You got focus on you.!! How do you turly value yourself start with look back all the bad things that happen and think how you kept pushing forward... do this everyday remind yourself that you stood up to shit! Remember that you are all that you have.
    -watch youtube sarah are vargas she a wonderful women with great advice
    -look in the mirror and take picture until you find one your okay with
    -Do more things you love or explore new things
    -excersie and eat right lol
    -Be happy postive because you deserve to feel valuable!!


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  • Well Kanye is married to Kim Kardashian and Little Wayne speaks English at a 4th grade level so maybe we shouldn't put too much faith in their math skills... or their taste in women :/

    I think how we value ourselves is based on how we objectively try to measure our skills and attribute relative to those around us AND how other people treat us. That can either reinforce our perception or change it.

    It obviously helps if you have the traits that people often place value on "good looks, social skills, humor, intelligence, status, etc..) but even with those you can still hate yourself.

    Someone can be really beautiful, smart, and fun to be around but they hate themselves due to past experiences and being put down by other people.

    For example, models are often objectively more attractive than the majority of the population but due to having their flaws analyzed with a fine tooth comb and seeing the air brushed pictures of themselves knowing the real them never compares to the one in the pictures, they can be just as insecure as the average girls who buy the magazines.

    Some people reek of mediocrity but due to being surrounded by people who always kiss their ass and never challenge them, their self worth can become inflated beyond what it should be.

    As far as how other people value you it varies from person to person. Everyone asigns value differently. There could be someone who sees more value in you than anyone else does because you have exactly what they are looking for. But then there's the issue of do they also have what you're looking for. That's why having mass appeal kinda helps, it increases the odds of people seeing value in you and that one of them will also have the things you value.

    You don't want to be too far above average tho because that can actually isolate you even further. I feel like it's best to have attributes that are better than average but not to the extent you become unrelatable or intimidating. I think there's like a sweetspot that maximizes your appeal.

    I guess it all comes down to life isn't fair and try and play your cards to the best of your abilities.

    Also death is the great equalizer, doesn't matter how smart, beautiful, rich or whatever you are, we all die. So in the end we all lose whatever value we supposedly had :/

  • I think 8.33 Is a little too close to the next truncated penny after taxes, for my comfort. I sense a conspiracy here. It's the penny-maker's lobby. Kobain knows how many of their sexy 'good girl' ads I've seen in their commercials. They don't want a good girl to get a full 1/3, because they know that's about when you're voice in the shareholder's meeting finally starts getting attention. Any more attention than that and they cease to be 'good' girls.

    But, I'm no expert. Or maybe I'm the only expert since the one who made all this shit up. $8.33 sounds about right, for a signing fee. The contract after that tends to be a bit more costly..

  • The issues with Self Value is that no one has any self value, no one seems to value themselves anymore.

  • I think matniee shows are like $7.50. So according to your reasoning, You're worth at least 1 date, to either a matinee, or one meal at Panda express. But if he knows your worth too, then he'll obviously invite you over for dinner and just cook for you. And save that $8.33 for a second date. As far as a 3rd date goes, maybe a free activity. Like hiking or even camping for a weekend. You can squeeze three or four dates out of $8.33 though. Although, I wouldn't hold the math that Kanye, Wayne and yourself have come up with. Whenever I first start dating someone, I basically give it $50. By the time the $50 is gone, I usually know if it's something worth investing not only time and money in, but also myself.

  • I am priced at exactly 50 dollars. Not too cheap and not expensive either lol XD.

  • Haha I'll export your theory: a good girl is than worth about 7.50 EUR here in Belgium :D
    Oh damn, now I'll need to pay you royalties :o

  • If you have a price then you don't have a value.


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  • Maybe that's in bitcoins and therefore worth thousands more. You can't really price yourself though
    Those rappers have misinformed accountants. You are as valuable as you decide you are and way worth more than that in the grand scheme of life. None of us realize how important we are.