East Africans are they classified as an own race (somali, Ethiopian, Eritrean,)?

The reason I am asking this is because people only talk about three main races Asian and Caucasian and black?


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  • Black isn't a race. Black is a skin colour. Asian also isn't a race. Asian is a group of races. Caucasian is the same. Caucasian is a group of races. I think by Bblack you mean Negroid, which is a group of races. Each of these groups of races have similar physical features. Usually Africans come under the Negroid races, so no, I don't think they are classified as own races

    • So they are classified as negeroid good to know thank you

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    • Like Japanese and south Korean or Nigerian and Ghana

    • Ok one question why do East Africans speak afro-asiatic language like Arabs or the ancient Egypt are they linked somehow?

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  • Nationality is different than race. There are plenty of races. So you could be a black jewish somali. Or a white buddhist somali. They are different things.

    • But still the are somali but different regions right?

    • I mean religions

  • those are semetic races my friend

    • Yaas they speak afro asiatic language which is more confusing but I think you are right

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