Do you ever get embarrassed or try to cover it up when you bend over and exposes part of your back or midriff?

Like in this shirt and jacket every time I bend over to gt something, it always pulls my shirt up my back and I hate it so much. Do u ever worry about ur shirt doing that? And ur pants possibly exposing your buttcrack?


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  • Yes I worry about that all the time!! Once i was in the front of my class and I bent down and I didn't even realize that a lot of my cleavage was showing and that everyone in the class could see, it was so embarrassing!!

    • Lol wait when u say cleavage do u mean buttcrack cleavage or chest cleavage?

      Lol I feel u on the buttcrack cleavage there

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    • Well I don't know you sound like a really sweet person and I'm sure you're hot, but I don't know much about you 💖💖

    • 💔 #HeartBroken

      Lol it's cool I don't know anything about u either xD

  • I wore a dress on a really windy day once and it blew my dress up so I tried to act like nothing happened lolol

  • Ya hapoens all the time. My jeans are usually low rise


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