Nobody hates me nor loves me... does that mean i'm a nobody?

literally nobody but my parents love me, well even my parents don't like me most of the time my presense annoys people sometimes but they don't hate me they just think i point black annoying even if im just sitting there calm and quiet... nobody loves me nor hates me nobody even cares about me... and it makes me feel so depressed...

what am i doing wrong?


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  • Be happy you have family.. My parents told me they hated me everyday, for no reason... I have absolutly nobody... When they ask for person to contact in emergency, there is nobody... You have to learn to love yourself.. Nobody will care about your life, like you do ( thats true no matter how many people like you)... And if you dont care about yourself, your screwed... Fuck what everybody else thinks, you are the one that matters!!

  • Love your self before you can be loved by anyonne else :)

    • i used to love myself till i realized nobody else loves or cares about me it made me start questioning whether I'm even lovable and i started to feel like shit so now it's hard for me to love myself nobody loves me

    • What can you do , but realize no one else's opinion of you matters but your own :) , trust me i know what your talking about. No amount of words can help you, only you can help you self and dont take things so personal.

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