Does how people look in photos reflect on what they actually look like in real life?

(Not talking about photoshopped models)
I honestly much prefer my face in the mirror rather than the camera. I have a really hard time taking pictures. And sometimes when someone says, "you look so nice in that picture", and I think god no! NOT in that picture! Do I really look like that in real life?

And sometimes I really like my face with little or without makeup but then when I proceed to take a picture my eyes look dull as hell? But not in real life?

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  • it reflects what they looked like at that moment under that particular lighting

    as for me, i think i look horrible in photos and in person


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  • I think most look totally dif in picture or in person.
    In person you see them in 3 d. Not flat format.
    The funny thing , we don't view ourselves in true 3 d. We never have seen the 3 d us. Unless you have a statue of yourself.
    So seeing ourselves through someone else's eyes would likely be freaky


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