If it was an emergency and you had to go really bad which would you say is worse to do in public?

Here's the downsides to your options

Pooing in public:
-stain through the back of your pants

Peeing in public:
-unpleasant smell
-stain in front of pants
-drips down your leg on the floor

So which will it be? 😊

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Most Helpful Guy

  • LMFAO that spongebob gif ^_^ lol I'd see peeing my pants shitting my pants is worse I'd rather just pee my pants.

    • Lmfao yeah I think it's from the episode when he was suppose to be Squidwards waiter but I could be wrong...

    • nope your right lol :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Shitting pants is worse of course. This is an obvious one.


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What Guys Said 3

  • That's pretty easy: peeing. Reason: Most guys, including myself, have hardly ever experienced a real peeing emergency. We're very good at holding it back. It's not the most comfortable feeling but it works if we really have to. I can not pee for a whole day and drink a lot of water and even if I end up having to go really bad at the end of the day and my bladder hurts, I can still ignore it for an absolute emergency time of 2 hours or so. In fact, once I try really hard to not pee, there is a certain moment where my bladder still hurts but the urge to pee actually goes away again and I can ignore it for quite some time. Also, being a guy, it's relatively easy to find some place to pee, even if you're out in the nature. I can't really think spontaneously of any place where I would be in serious trouble. Having to poop badly is much more problematic.

    • Wow you really thought that out didn't you lol

      Well let's say guys didn't have the power to hold it and you're literally either going to pee on yourself or poop which would it be?

    • Still pee :-). Pooping in your pants is already annoying in private... pooping in your pants in public must be absolutely horrible. That's why I always carry around a pill against diarrhea in my wallet (and it has in fact helped me just a few weeks ago). I really like it because it works extremely fast... from when you swallow it, it just takes a minute or two to work. I never, ever want to get into a situation where I can't hold it back like that. I would probably be so embarrassed that I had to spend the next 10 years on a deserted island...

  • Pooping as it stinks and turns your pants brown. Peeing situation is no match for some bushes.

  • It is easy for a guy to pee in public without it even looking odd. All I have to do is kneel by my car and it looks like I am checking the tire of something.
    so shitting myself would be worse.

    • I'm sorry let me rephrase myself when I say in public I mean in front of everyone and in your pants considering guys do it anyways outside that's not very embarrassing I mean like in a store and on yourself that why I said drip down your leg

What Girls Said 1

  • shiting is bad