Poland: "No to Islamisation?

Poland just woke up, when will the rest of European people?

Fight for OUR rights, together, united as one !!!


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  • When will people wake up and realize that terrorists are using Islam as a scapegoat? If it wasn't Islam, it would be something else. Islam itself isn't the issue, the people who abuse it are. And by acting like this, you're just falling for their bullshit like sheep.

    • sorry you're brainwashed by media which is censoring the truth!!

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    • TheFlak36 that's how it is, sadly... Schools have a big impact on this too they are teaching us how to accept other religions, but all they do is harm in OUR countries.

    • Don't waste your time and energy @Lumos. Ignorant will stay ignorant.

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  • The Poles are a proud people who won't fall for the genocidal deception happening in Europe. Their country has been through many disasters, especially during the last century. They will never throw away the sacrifices of their forefathers who built this land with sweat and blood by letting it be destroyed by foreign invaders who hide behind the smokescreen of tolerance and diversity.


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  • When will those few countries in Europe realize that the only reason the other countries aren't doing that is because they are good people? You Islamophobes are all the same. You probably haven't even been to a mosque.

  • About fucking time we stood up against left wing fanatics who think taking refugees is a good idea.

  • I don't know what's happening in Poland but we don't have that shit here (UK). Are you are Neo-Nazi? Didn't you get enough of that shit in WW2?

    • Sorry that not everybody likes to see his country be destroyed and throw in the trash the sacrifices of our forefathers like you do in the UK. Talking about Neo Nazis... the only thing your country is doing for the past 300 years is struggling for the destruction of European civilisation. The result can be seen in the UK today. You have become Europe's first banana land, with British people going to extinction within this century and the most tragic thing is, you're so stupid that you even like it. Congratulations for giving your children and grandchildren a 3rd world Britain.

    • @TheFlak36 I thought you were talking about Islamisation? The Third World isn't even Islamic. Most of them are Hindus or Buddhists or whatever. Take your head out of your ass and you might even have some idea what the UK has actually been doing for the last 300 years.

  • It turns out 1/3rd of planet is going to beat this small population because the other 2/3rds don't give a shit about Poland. No one does. It's Poland.

  • Its been a long time since a nation said no to a major religion.
    Truthfully though, I'm far removed from the topic

  • I mean which laws are being introduced?

  • This type of view will become more and more popular now that Europe is hell bent on letting anyone from Muslim lands who claims to be a refugee.

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