Let's talk about food ! What is your favorite Crepe?

How do you like to eat your crepes?

Can you suggest good places in your area, or other that you have been?

Let's talk about food ! What is your favorite Crepe?(hope this girl is not on gager... :p)


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  • I love crepes! Fruit crepes especially!

    There's a small French café in my town called Café Saint-Amand which has wonderful food and amazing crepes. They're very big and they pack a LOT of filling inside!

    • What's the price?
      And it's like what? 34 cm?

    • I'm not sure how big exactly but they're like $5. And they have both sweet crepes and savory crepes which have meats and such in them. I believe they also have breakfast crepes.

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  • never had one!

  • I love making crepe's. They're so yummy! <3

  • 1. The one where they just durch the crêpe and only give me the toppings
    2. why are you posting some poor girl's unfortunately shot? I bet 100 bucks you don't have her permission

    • Found it on google images to illustrate the ask. Im not posting nothing that's not public.
      Found her cute, done.

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