Which country is. Best?

Which country are Best for you bsgahsnndnsnsm

  • Japanese
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  • Turkey
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  • Greece
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  • Austria
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  • Russia
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  • Russia is a country of beautiful architecture and style, with a turbulant history, Austria is a coutnry of imperial prowess, once having control over many of the smaller states in Europe, plus it's situated in a brilliant place, giving fantastic views and incredibly well designed buildings, Greece is a unique country , it's mixed culture and wide variety of foods, mixed with the relaxed and laid back culture make it a special place, Turkey is fantastic, while being a little on edge at times, it seems to share many of its cultural routes with Greece, making it utterly fantastic and beautiful. and Japan is incredible, the unique architecture, the simple food and the traditional styles make it once of my favorites on this list. every country has it's up sides and down sides, i love my country (GB), but i think i love the world more.


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  • Japanese isn't a country lol

  • I dunno. I'm meh about my own country, I never really liked the idea of living in the US, what with hyper expensive education and medication when a large part of it here is either cheap or for free (and paying more taxes for that isn't a bad payoff) and none of the other countries appeal to me.

    But if I really had to choose, I'd choose Italy. The climate, architecture and history draw me in and I can't wait for when I get to visit Italy.

  • Japanese girls are the hottest to me. 😉
    My dream job is Japan, anyways. Maybe I'll meet my girl there? 😔
    Anyway, I'm not sure which would be second favorite. I wonder which. 🤔

  • None of the above. The United States is the best damn country in the world.

  • Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and Sweden.

  • Those countries suck.


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