Do ever imagine what's happening in places where no one is or has been?

First of all, I think about a lot of wired stuff 😂😂
So in games, for those of you who don't know, game worlds are divided into chunks and gets loaded when your near them. I'm imagining the same concept in real life. Let's say some where in the ocean, something that goes away as soon as someone gets close to it.
Do you get what I'm saying? 😂


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  • Yes, under your bed, monsters.

    • The "monsters" you're talkin about do the exact opposite...

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    • No, as a kid you imagine "monsters under your bed when ur about to sleep, but the things I'm talking about, do the opposite, I imagine them only when I'm not in the place, makes sense?

    • No. But I like it!

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  • As a Skyrim player, I think of this all the time xD

  • Sort of like the "if a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it?" concept.

    I imagine it's all still there. Humans aren't that special.

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