What can I do to get me over this?

I have been the rebound guy after M (the girl i want to talk about) was dumped by her boyfriend (A). In all the time i have know M i have never heard something good about A, she came crying to school because of him, she would leave in the middle class sadened just to please him and so much more but she kept chasing after him time after time they were "almost" done. After they were done for good (at least that's what i tought) i took my chance since SHE came to ME and everything went so beautifully good, a dream come true since i always fancied her and eventually i caught real feelings for her, she was" the one" in my eyes, there hasn't been a girl that made me feel the way she made me feel but unfortunately right before i wanted to make things "official" she backed out and wanted to just stay friends. It has been 3 months now and my feelings for her haven't changed one bit but the last weeks have been an hell for me, i started obsessing about her, asking myself what i did to deserve the friendzone and so on, even leading me to lose my sleep and just bringing my health in danger, i even lost weight because of it. I just want HER and not getting her is really f*cking me up so hard and i just want to move on because if things stay like they are now i am going to end up in a place i don't want to be in... The reason why is because A came back crawling into M's life and to my greatest regret and uncomprehension she is actually going back after him... leaving me with all these "unresolved" feelings for her. I need you guys and girls to give me some piece of advice to get myself back together because i can't do this on my own, my mind can't stop what my heart wants...


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  • You go outside and eat some ben and jerry lol! That cures the broken heart!


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  • M doesn't deserve you. Once A's finished with her for the second time, she'll come back to you. You're her backup- you can wait for it to happen, but you'll always know that you're only second best, her plan B. But remember also that people change


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