Do you read stuff faster the second time that you go through something?

For my exam next month I have to memorize between 80 - 90 pages for one class and about 60 - 70 pages for the other class. I know the first time I read through it - it could take several hours. However the second time I read through the exact same material, will I be faster?

Thanks for the info.

Based on my personal experience, I think my brain does process the information faster the second time around but I am not sure.


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  • It depends. If I already have a basic knowlegde about it I'll probably try to remember what a chapter said. When I remember it well I won't read it a second time.
    By doing that, my second reading would be quicker than nr 1!
    I could only do that for subjects I was good at, not for everything :o

    • Thanks for the MH :D
      Hope you passed the exam successfully...

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  • I actually read it slower.


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