Why Is It Hard For Singe Twenty-Something Men To Meet Women?

I'll be 25 tomorrow... and looking back at my life, I feel like meeting women these days are impossible.

-When you are in school (high school and college), you have a lot of opportunities to meet women in class, clubs, social outtings, etc.

-When you graduate from college, it seems like the only women you meet are the ones from your job.

-At my job, I work for a startup company, so it is all guys and 1 woman (who is married).

-I have tried going to bars and clubs to meet women, but it's not really my scene and the women are kind of stuck up.

-I've tried going to malls, coffee shops and bookstores (my usual hangouts) to meet women, but they don't seem interested, are in a rush, or it's usually a hit or miss.

-I go to the gym often and take gym classes, but the women in my gym classes are in their late 30s with kids... and the women I do see at the gym working out around my age seem to be with their boyfriends or are their solely to work out.

-I've even tried going to strip clubs to meet women (the strippers and the waitresses) and while I was able to get numbers, they ended up being crazy or not returning my text/calls

-I also have Tinder... but Tinder dates are all fails. You only go on 1 date with a woman from Tinder and they never want to see you again... or they match you and don't reply to messages.


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  • I feel your pain. I can't find a decent guy either, not one suited to me, and I don't want quick, cheap, or slutty experiences, and I don't want to meet the guy in a bar or at a place I don't genuinely enjoy.

    • Same. I wish I could find a woman at a place I actually enjoy... But they are always in a relationship or it's usually an inappropriate time to talk to them... Such as the gym.

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    • I also remember back in the day when singles used to frequent bars and clubs. These days, it seems like a lot couples now frequent these areas.

    • I don't enjoy bars, or clubs, so I don't want to meet someone there, and right of the bat, give the impression I want to be there, or enjoy that scene.

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  • Because guys usually prefer to sleep around befofe settling down and by the time they hit 25 they realize that they want a relationship but it is too late because of the social opportunities they have had they passed up on it or they never made the effort to put themselves out there by the time they are too busy


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  • Have you tried restaurant bars or hotel bars during happy hour?

    • I've tried restaurant bars... But those women are usually with their coworkers drinking, so it would awkward for me to talk to the whole group just to meet one woman

    • Doesn't matter just ask them questions about work