I'm working on a game I need your help?

Your favorite background for game would be... ?
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I'm working on a game I need your help?
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Picture number #4

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What Girls Said 1

  • Last one looks so pretty!

    • thank you for your opinion, do you play any or have played any game on android?

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    • thanks I'm working on android game, so yeah I hope that we'll release game within 6-9 months

    • I see, good luck with it!

What Guys Said 1

  • Those are all completely different themes. For that matter why not just use all of them as separate levels? We need more information to make a choice.

    • yeah I agree with you, but I just wanted to see what kind of style do people really like

    • Well they're all nice styles, but in terms of the actual pictures 1 and 4 looks the nicest, they are the most vibrant and diverse colors.

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