What do you think about tattletalers/snitchers?

Those that rat on you on every single thing that is unfair for the sake of honesty. I would understand if it was something serious or to protect someone (for instance, if one of my good friends got cheated on, I would inform her) but if it's something petty, is it even worth being a snitcher?

My snitcher from my school years:
I didn't care about too much about 6th grade and would cheat my on some tests and there was always this snitcher who wouldn't mind her own business. This girl would just snitch on others for the sake of it. Needlessly to say, my friends, a couple other classmates and I hated her for the rest of the school year all the way till 8th grade. If someone told her how annoying she was and to really fuck off, then she had to go to the teacher and inform it.

However, once in 9th grade and afterwards she seemed to have changed and stopped caring about what others did, who cheats, who copies from whom and basically did what we've all wanted her to do for the longest: mind her damn business.

That girl would literally snitch even if that person was her friend, no wonder she actually lost friend within those 2 school years.


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  • Why hide anything in the first place that would give a snitch a reason to snitch?

    • It doesn't take away the fact that it's not of their business. It's not like it's going to greatly benefit them in the long-run.

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    • Short example: for instance why on earth would I have care about remembering the reproductive parts of a shark, the process in dissecting a frog or finding the formula of a hyperbola. Pointless. It makes sense that I don't care about things I have never applied again and never will.

    • Excessive snitchers, okay. Maybe annoying. But snitchers are needed sometimes. After all, that's what whistle-blowers are. Would you prefer the government continue to be corrupt by taking your money? Whistle-blowers are heroes.

  • Fuck people like that haha.

    I really have no idea what their deal is yea.

    • They have no life I guess of if they do, all they ever care about is either workshipping the school and the whole ''for the sake of honesty'' policy.

      Apparently, I think she eventually got fed up with school during the HS years and must have come to the realization that eveything learned you'll hardly even apply it towards your future or your major. By then, she wouldn't say anything anymore.

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