Guys, How do you tell a guy that you've liked for a long time, that you like him?

So basically there is this guy who goes to my school and i've liked him for 4 years. He's really nice and he used to tease me about little silly but not in a mean way. I think he might like someone else but i'm not sure and it really bugs me that i can't tell him how i feel. Recently I feel like i need to tell him how i feel before it's too late. How do I tell him how i feel?


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  • I think that you can just call him or text him but I think that its not a good idea.
    You can ask him to come over to your house or just ask him to come with you for a second to an empty place and just tell him.
    As you said that you don't want to it be too late so just tell him and be done with it,
    you also said that you think that he likes you back so it can be bad.
    By your story I think you two can have a great relationship just go for it and don't make too late - One day he will have a girlfriend and you will feel bad, so just go for it.