How can I tell if she's feeling the Chemistry too?

How can I tell if the girl I like is feeling the same things as I do without asking her?

I get a lot of butterfliest when I'm around her... and I'm kind of nervous.

She dropped things twice when I was around: her purse... it was me and this guy she's clearly platonic friends with. He tried to put his arm around her shoulders and she looked kind of awkward.


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  • there's not enough information here to tell if she feels what you're feeling. just because she dropped her purse doesn't mean anything, nor does the fact that she looked awkward when he put his arm around her. it probably just meant that she felt weird that he was doing that but it had nothing to do with you

  • It was because the guy was being touchy with her

    • that's not the question.

    • If she smiles and looks at you often, she likes you.

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