Why an iPhone 6 or just any general iPhone?

I've been wondering... I want to upgrade my phone to something better and I was thinking bout going with one of the sony xperia Z's. Thing is, I see a mojority of people with Iphones... I know the Iphone is alright, but is it overrated? Can you get more on the Iphone than you can get on an Android phone? The only thing I can say I like about the Iphone is the interface on it

I can't tell if people are "following the crowd" with the iphones or not...

I will probably get an iphone 6 now haha


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  • I've used both Samsung galaxy and iPhone and I like iPhone better because of the interface and I've had less issues like crashing and stuff on my iPhone. Otherwise, the apps offered on both are pretty comparable.


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  • I am kinda the opposite. I ask why I should switch from an iPhone to Androjd when i really don't get much out of Android.

    I purchased tons of iTunes music and apps on my iPod touch ages ago, so it made sense to get an iPhone when I was ready. These days they have features like iMessage, better apps, it just makes sense to get an iPhone if you can afford it.

    I can only assume you would want android if you wanted to root your phone? I'm still not sure what the advantage is.