A rich tycoon was going to give away a oil field worth 900 million but only if a person agreed to and could do 1 of these things. Would you?

Attempt to do it?

1. Swallow a 32 oz. cup of jet fuel mixed with gasoline and crushed up ghost peppers and then chase it with a pint of Russian vodka.

2. Eat 90 wheat muffins with only one 2 oz. cup of water to wash it down.

3. Go to a bikers bar and stand on the bar and tell the bikers that they are dickface bitches and you'll beat the shit out of all of them up by yourself and then pimp slap the fire out of one of them.

4. Get high on bath salt go to the mall during peak time, strip naked and hop from car to car dry humping the roof of every car you hopped on

Which would you pick?

I forgot to say it was going to be a net worth 900million
lol filler filler


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  • 90
    Muffins if i could take my time eating them

    • With only a 2 oz cup of water?

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  • Hmm. I'm gonna go with 3 on this one.

    • Why so?

    • I think I can hold my own in a fight even though it's multiple people. I'll lose, but I won't go down easy.

  • Number 3. I can run fast.