Which is your favourite pokemon?

My favourite pokemon is pikachu and yours?


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  • I have a lot of favorites.
    Kirlia because I just have a weakness for it,
    Riolu because it's a good Pokemon and turns into lucario (which I've used for my elite four team),
    And Luxray because I think it's an awesome electric type.


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  • Charizard probaly because of nostalgia but I don't care


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  • I have a few that are about on the same level.

    And Cyndaquil.

    This is in no particular order, but my first favourite was Persian after seeing it on the show when it ran on free to air in the mornings. I liked Pikachu for a while but I wouldn't consider it a favourite seeing as I only liked it as it was the most popular and almost avoided catching it in the game.

    Liepard I think is my most recent favourite. That or Cyndaquil, whichever is most recent. When I caught my first Liepard I was using a Tepig, Liepard was my first catch of the game and was so much stronger than my starter even being three levels below. Tepig didn't receive much love from me.

    I love Charmander through the 64 game, Pokemon Snap. I never owned a GameBoy so didn't get to use Charmander until I got halfway through SoulSilver. I watched Charmander evolve into a Charmeleon in Pokemon Snap and gathered up fifteen of them into a group to photograph. They have the cutest dance!

    Growlith and Arcanine would be on the list however they're more side likes rather than favourites. I never obsessed over those two.

    Chimchar was my very first starter, having begun my game adventures with Pokemon Diamond. However my Diamond was a pre-owned so I really started with Infernape (having not known how to delete a previous save. I have still kept that previous save as I have grown to like TJ. The name of the character the previous owner of the game gave him)

    I love Raichu mostly for looks alone. I became obsessed with him after the episode where Ash battled Pikachu against a Raichu and lost. He looks awesome and is strong as hell. Not the strongest Pokemon but stronger than Pikachu.

    Shinx was my first ever catch after Bidoof (Fuck Bidoof. Almost as annoying as Zubat). Shinx quickly rose to the strength of my Chimchar (on the pre-owned Diamond game but not one I could save) and successfully secured a place in the first slot of my party. Shinx only got better after levelling up and evolving, however the basic form is still my favourite.

    I think only Sandshrew is left.
    It's a mix of three with Sandshrew.
    Ash battled the one that trained in water and lost.
    I photographed one in Pokemon Snap.
    And I caught one in one of the DS games (can't remember which)

    I'm starting to think there's a theme here of whoever can beat up Pikachu.

    But there you go. My list of favourites.

    • Honourable mentions:
      Gyrados - elite four (Took twelve Pokeballs to catch as I owned only Premier Balls and regular Pokeballs. I named it Fussy)

      I seriously cannot think of any others but I know there's more.

  • I like Evee because of the many possibilities for it to evolve and because it's just cute.
    And Arceus of course because I like to win my battles :P


    • I bet my team will kick your Arceus's arse

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    • the DS pokemon games sadly aren't supported anymore so you can't battle/trade with them :/

    • @Squidward lol makes me feel so old school with my game boy - DS connecting cable! 😅👌

  • My favorite always has been and will be Pikachu, but I do have a soft spot
    for Snorlax.


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