Scary dream, what does it mean?

I already forgot most of it, but I remember the sound of a woman screaming in agony on a cassette tape. It was so real and creepy, this older guy who previously told me a sad story about his dead wife was the one playing the tapes, crying as he did so, in the dream I assumed his wife was the one screaming in them. Later in the dream, me and another girl were walking up some stairs outside (idk why there were stairs) and they kept getting farther and fewer in between and I was having trouble stretching my legs to reach each stair and a man with silver hair who seemed to be looking at me in some type of sexual way helped me reach the next stair and with the next one, he sort of jammed his hand between my lower leg and thigh and I almost fell over. I didn't turn around but I felt that the guy was trouble so I walked ahead so that the other girl would be in front of him instead of me. I noticed that while a group of people had been around the three of us previously, the rest of them had disappeared and it was just me, the other girl, and this older guy. I was so creeped out and I never turned around bc something told me that I'd regret it... What does this dream mean?


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  • Ptobably nothing, it was just a nightmare


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