What were some things you loved and hated about high school?

What i hated
PE and Math i hated those classes. I had PE in the morning and my PE teacher always made the class runs even when it was very cold out and she graded us on participation not effort so basically if we were playing a game and someone refused to pass me the ball, I got no points for the day. How i got an A in that class amazes me. Math was just boring for me i will never know how i got a B.

I took culinary for three years and every year in that class there was always some people that were lazy and made other people do their dishes. Even when the bell rang and there was still dishes to be done they left and made the nice people who didn't mind missing ten minutes of lunch to finish them. It amazes me that they didn't get kicked out of the culinary program. They constantly disresepected my teacher even though she is one of the kindest people i know, and she constantly threatenend to kick them out of the culinary program to get them to do anything. And every time i would snap and tell them to get off their asses and do something, they would say, "Geez what's your problem?" -____-

i hated that everyone took advantage of my kindness including teachers. Whenever teachers wanted to move a student that was loud, i was always picked to switch seats with the loud student because i could not say no this happened until i learned how to say no.

What i loved
I loved my friends. I was closest with alee, esmey, and stephanie. Graduation was bitter sweet because that was the last day i saw them.

I loved that we had the longest lunch in the state of Nevada. Ours was 45 minutes long which is the longest by ten minutes.

I loved my senior English teacher she is easily one of the funniest people i know. I loved my culinary teacher while i hated at least half of the students i still loved her and she was a mentor to me.


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  • I loved culinary arts and US and World History. We did awesome stuff in culinary. We made breakfast for other classes, made gingerbread houses, cookies, sweet tea and other stuff. What about you all?

    • gingerbread houses, frosted our own cakes, breakfast for ourselves and other classes, lots of cookies, and did catering for any events around the school or just nearby

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    • That would be. cool! I think you could pull off both though. Thanks for MHG by the way!

    • you're welcome!

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  • What were some things you loved and hated about high school?
    -no friends
    -no one really cared about you
    - hearing drama all the time
    -no one really said anything meaningful
    -my prom was a fukin disaster... lets just say I end up a chubby little sad crying cinderlla and just enforce the fact that I am not geting a boyfriend soon
    -crying all the time
    -looking for clothes in the hw
    -everyday having homework and projects
    -the 8 hours i spent in school
    -the loud anyoning people
    -the dumbass classes
    - the fact that I was never book smart no matter what i did
    -my English teacher who was so mean and kinda hated me
    -the embarssing moment when i took home a bag of chocolate preztle that no-one wanted for chrismas party hahah
    -the lonely moments i spent

    • the only thing i loved was not having to be force to pick a career!

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    • Thanks <3

    • you're welcome!

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  • liked...
    high school sports was easy
    i took classes with all of my friends
    it wasn't hard
    pe (sometimes)

    monotany- you kinda get bored with people youve known since kindergarten
    i hate my town
    not taking classes i want to
    teachers are sometimes annoying
    waking up at some ungodly hour

    i have a lot more things i hate about high school, but i can't really think of any more at the moment

  • Loved playing football. Well I didn't really play, just was on the team lol

  • I hated all the drama bs
    I liked being around my friends. Also I've always been shy so I'm not very good at walking up to random girls but in high school that was ok because a lot of girls would walkbup to me or strongly hint that they liked me so that was cool. Also I liked cutting class with my friends to get stoned. And getting stoned at lunch was pretty awesome


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  • I loved seeing my friends, art classes, chorus classes, and the fact that we were done for the day by 2:45 PM. I disliked math classes since they were/are not my forte.

  • Technically went to a different one last two years so I'm just gonna do both.

    (First two years)

    Hated math. And gym.. Oh, and the pricks in FCA... (Know some asshat is gonna jump on my dick for that one, without knowing why)

    Not much to like other than the library.. was always too afraid to ask my parents for anything, so it was the only place I could get books from.

    (Last two years)

    Slow ass walkers, stupid rednecks that liked to do stupid shit and ruin things for the rest of us.

    Only thing to be liked was the people. The group you were placed with in one class were with you all day, all year, so we ended up being like a big family (two of the teachers included)

    Oh, and the cheesecake was pretty good... 😋

    • there was a couple of pricks who took gym mainly dodgeball way too seriously and would always hit the girls and the disabled kids hard and when they got beat, they threw tantrums. All the more reason for me to hate gym.

    • Tbh I was always pretty invisible, so when we played I could stand in the same spot and still not get hit until the end. Then the people on my team would throw a fit because "omg you're not even trying!!" nope.

    • i was to. But they didn't care if nobody tried they just wanted to win and they didn't care how. Because they threw so hard i would purposefully get hit so later i would not get hit so hard or in the face.

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