Y do people think oboma is so bad?


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  • People always hate the president and everything that goes wrong is his fault of course. Don't get me wrong I'm not deffending him I'm just saying blame the guy for the shit that's actually his fault. For example at he said that he wouldn't monitor ( aka spy) on the us population than a few years later bam all the NSA bullshit comes to light. He then says some condescending shit like "we are listening for terrorists if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear so let us do our job" he didn't literally say that but he might as well have. Also I'm not blindly bashing him because I'm a a conservative, if anything I would be closer to a leberal.


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  • Its mostly just the retarded 60 year old republican senior citizens lol

  • Mostly, probably bc he's black. Everything seems worse because of the black guy filter.


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