Why there isn't a mouse flavored cat food?

I looked for a mouse flavored cat food and couldn't find any I am trying to train my cat to hunt down mouses i don't treat him like a pet but like a predator i already trained him to chase objects who runs fast with a laser i don't have mouses in my house or anything but I am training him incase he got lost he could survive the streets till I find him he already beats up the street cats in fights so he is a pretty tough cat I just need to make him love the taste of mouse


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  • He'll naturally chase one if he sees one, you don't need to teach him to love the taste.

    • Can you enjoy a pizza without loving the taste? I have seen cats who hunts mice and they just torture them not eat them

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    • @BellePepper They are supposed to be in the wild not in houses that's their nature

    • Lol I think you're missing the point OP. Cats don't need help killing things. They have it under control.

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