How weird is this? Do you have any weird dislikes that people seem to like?

I think belly buttons and lips are both physically disgusting to look at.
I don't really know why, I can usually guess around the time I developed my weird quirks, or what events triggered them. But not this one.

I don't like to see stomachs in general (unless it's pregnant bellies, babies, or animals or Buddha haha. I LOVE those, every other fuck outta my face). But belly buttons even less. This is why I hate beaches and I don't wear bikinis, crop tops, or reveal my navel. I think I'm secretly a clone haha.

Lips, I don't like to see them. And this is why I try to maintain eye contact. Bonus points that it makes me look interested and it's seen as polite. I'm mostly trying not to look at your creepy lips lol. The less I see them, the better. I usually take pics covering my mouth, and since I was little I tried to make my lips appear smaller. And this whole lip craze is disgusting to me because girls keep posting pics of their lips, and just their lips! *cringe*.

Do you have a similar thing? Do you find anything weird or disgusting or just don't get why it's so popular now?

Because I love polls, here's a related one.

  • Yes, you're weird. I love lips and/or belly buttons. You're the creep, creep.
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  • I'm indifferent. I don't hate them, nor like them.
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  • No, I don't think it's weird because I am disgusted by lips and/or belly buttons as well.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I always thought genitals, male and female, are ugly. I like what we can do with them, but I don't like looking at them. They almost look like something out of a science fiction.

    I love a woman's tummy. Curvy and we'll toned. My wife loved when I kissed her stomach, and I loved doing it. She loved kissing my neck and ears. I didn't like it but I knew she did so I let her do it. I am very ticklish on my neck.

    • Me too. But I'm not physically repulsed by them. If I look at let's say a very strange collage of just genitals, one of just lips, and the other of just belly buttons (especially outties), I'd probably throw up looking at the lips and belly buttons.

      I can somewhat tolerate lips on faces. But if it's like a close up of lips, especially when they're puckering, blah! No. Please, I think I'll vomit. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it :(

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    • What is the Kylie Jenner challenge?

    • I don't want to post pics lol
      But it's where they put a shot glass over their lips and "suck", this causes their lips to swell and resemble Kylie Jenner's lips.

      It's dangerous though because the swelling is blood flow and I think the capillaries or something burst. There were cases of teens having to go to the hospital because of this.

      Anyways, the point is to have very big lips and it's not only disgusting to me, but dangerous as well.
      Very horrible trend if you ask me.
      The things women do for beauty :/

Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol i hate feet unless theyre baby feet so i get you. I hate when people wear chanclas, especially if their feet are ugly lol. I dont like them near me so if someone puts their feet on my lap, i push them off, im like almost offended lmao


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What Guys Said 10

  • Yes, I have mine too.

    • Care to share, carebear?

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    • 1. I'm indifferent.

      2. I'm starting to not like them.

      3. Bah! I love animals! I guess you'd hate me because I'm always with a pet lol

    • No, lady. I don't hate you. Hate is a very strong word. I have nothing against you.

  • No not really I am pretty much a perv and like things and things that most don't lol and sometimes I like slutty taky shit that girls wear lol I know I am terrible lol like I like girls who wear leaopard print dresses and bras I just think that's so hot.

    • Did you vote C? Haha

    • No I voted B lol I mean there are things that turn me off, but they are things that turn most people off too lol like scat fetish lmao that makes me wanna throw up. I mean maybe I do like something that most guys don't lol like boob crack to most guys hate that? lol

    • You would like my friend. She wears leopard print bras all the time. I know this just like the rest of the world knows this because she wears clothes that make it impossible not to notice.

  • Haha there seem to be no dislikers of belly buttons or lips on here :D
    But you're you, don't be to shy! We all like or dislike things and what you describe is rare but why not. The eye contact solution is a good one, by the way!

    • Lol I know I'm weird. I was kinda expecting that. But eh.

      Do you have any weird dislikes?

    • Not really... I dislike rude and selfish people but that's not comparable...
      And weird or not, I've always found you a nice person. You say or ask what you want but always in a polite way :D

    • I'm not polite but thank you lol

      You have no idea I am too weird even for my own liking sometimes :/

  • Not gonna lie, I always thought knee pits were kinda weird.

    Like, we have to deodorize (and some) have to shave their armpits, but knee pits always smell nice and are hairless. It's very weird when you think about it.

    • Lmfao I never thought much about knee pits. They're not that gross too me even with the sweat. It is weird though.

    • Knee pits are generally better ventilated. They don't have sebaceous glands like armpits do. And this is the most I have ever spoken about knee pits. Ever.

  • I admit belly buttons are bizarre but lips? Do you get grossed out kissing someone?

    I get creeped out by foreheads sometimes :/

    • I actually don't like kissing that much! I try not to think about it lol I never realized that though. I actually don't kiss much, even if we're dating. Huh. My exes would complain about how "unloving" I was. And I was like wtf?

      Foreheads? Lmfao!! Do you mean when they're big like "fiveheads"? Lol

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    • What are fiveheads?

    • @Bluemax huge forehead.
      Fore=four and five is one more. Implies its larger.

  • Yeah, to each his own.

  • I dont much like feet. I also don't like Taylor Swift music or beyonce

  • It is not any weirder than my own dislikes. To be honest, not only am I not attracted to breasts, but I actually find them a bit gross, particularly when they are large and "bouncy."

  • I don't like big boobs. I don't like girls who are insanely tan.

    • Hmmm. But do they physically repulse you?

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    • What? So you don't find Scarlett Johansson to be stunning? Especially her boobs?

    • No. The girl I'm talking to is around a low B cup or A cup and is paleish.

  • Belly buttons are okay. I just don't like the ones that stick out. What are those called? Outties? Those are nasty. Some others I've seen are nasty, but overall they are alright. Lips are alright. Some can be nasty and some can be sexy.

    You love seeing pregnant bellies? Yeah me and you are sooo different lol. Pregnant bellies are disgusting and they always show them on the news. I'm sorry but I don't want to see her nasty belly. Sorry.

    No bikini? :( wanted to see you in one. My hopes were shot.

    I think eating ass is disgusting and it seems popular these days.

    I think Kate Upton is ugly and it seems to be pretty in some people's eyes.

    What else? I'm sure it's some other stuff.

    • People like almonds and pistachios. Both nasty to me.

    • Lol I hate outties and big lips. The more I can see your belly button or lips, the more disgusted I get. I try not to, but I don't know what it is.

      Pregnant bellies are cute lol

      Lol sorry. I probably won't ever wear a bikini. Not saying never. But I'm surprisingly modest. Sometimes. I don't like bikinis. Or two pieces that show the navel :/

      Lmfao, I think eating ass still isn't that accepted yet.

      Kate Upton, she's OK. But I don't know if I'd call her the most sexy woman.

    • Big lips can be sexy to me.

      Pregnant bellies are freaking gross and nasty. And then they show on the news the belly being rubbed with like oil and poked. I don't want to see that nasty shit. Yuck. I almost vomit when I see that.

      Dang dang :(

      Maybe eating ass isn't accepted, but I know there's plenty of people who do it.

      She's not even okay. She's ugly. I like her juggs though.

What Girls Said 10

  • I hate dry skin. If I'm talking to someone, male or female, and they have really chapped lips or noticeably dry skin, it gives me the shivers. All I can look at is there lips or dry patches on their skin...
    (It's gotten so bad that I've more than once forced some Aveeno on my boyfriend when his face or forearms looked a bit dry. x_x )

    • Lmfao, I think yours is as close to mine, just with a different thing. I shudder looking at selfies and I HATE those lip piercings! First reason because they force my eyes to creepy lips! And then because they're usually to one side and break symmetry.

      I get physically repulsed just looking at lips and belly buttons lol I can't even control it :/

      I think that's funny though lol you forced lotion on your boyfriend. I've asked people to cover their stomachs for me lol

  • You like what you like. You don't what you don't. It's as simple as that. I'm fine with belly buttons, and I like my lips. However, lips aren't something I go crazy over or anything. There are much better features to look at on people.

    • I just don't like to see like on my instagram all those pics of lips. Like the whole "Kylie Jenner challenge" was a nightmare for me. I literally did not go on for a while because of that.

    • Oh, well, that's definitely understandable. Those challenges really messed up people's faces.

  • I have an aunt who has no belly button. It's just the way her umbilical cord closed up, but we always tease her that she must be a clone or an alien. She doesn't like looking at belly buttons, either. I don't enjoy looking at feet, and a lot of men seem to have foot fetishes. It doesn't bother me to see people run around barefoot. It just doesn't do anything to turn me on, either. Maybe that's mostly a guy thing?

  • everybody has their own preferences and that is totally OK. I think i am a little weird because i think strippers are weird. If i was "kidnapped" by my best friends for a bachelorette party and if strippers showed up, i don't know how i will react. Just something about a guy or guys who i don't know being all over me that just creeps me out.

    • that would be scary and creepy. I wouldn't like strippers at my bachelor party nor a birthday party

  • not that weird!

  • Can't say I agree. I think both can be really attractive and lips often are.

    I don't think I find anything on the human body to be all that creepy. I guess toe thumbs are pretty gross. Lol

    Oh! I don't like blue eyes and everyone seems to love them. I almost hate them, honestly. Looks creepy.

  • I sigh in shame for the overweight teens trying to expose their muffin top by wearing a pants too small for them

    • Lmfao! I never know if you're joking or not XD

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    • Yea, I seen it a lot. But that doesn't really physically disgust me. Lips and belly buttons do. If they're belly button is exposed, I will look away and be creeped out.

    • Belly button? They need a plug.

  • I guess I'm weird too because absolutely hate to see feet xD Even my own i don't like. And those lotion commercials that zoom in on feet are just ew

  • I don't like excessive hair on the back or the chest on men. I find it utterly disgusting.
    Oh another weird dislike I have is that I hate suits.
    I don't consider them attractive at all, on contrary, if I see someone wearing a suit I am like "bleh".

    • Fascinating. Most women I know are exactly the opposite.

  • i don't think much about belly buttons either lol. i kind of wonder why that area doesn't just... "go away" after birth. it's a weird vestigial thing. lips... well, i've never been disgusted by lips, but to me, they've never been a huge "draw" in guys. people seem to love it when guys wear skinny jeans... i'm not much of a fan :/

    • I wish it did went away lol

      Lips creep me out, but more when they are "separate" from the face. Like how girls just LOOOOVE to take pics of a closeup of their lips. Or when they get a new set of lipsticks, or lip glosses, they post a collage of just their lips but trying all their new makeup out.
      I threw up once when I saw that. Literally. It's making me nauseous just thinking of it.

      Skinny jeans on men are not my ideal, but not enough to physically repulse me. Lol

    • I get what you mean. I can't believe it made you throw up :o :o it sounds like they're almost traumatizing for you... wonder what that's about 🤔