Would u want to time travel?

Ok so there a lot of theories of time travel, but this one im gonna explain is probably the most plausible.

Its a scientific fact that time slows down around the space of an object of large mass such as a black hole. So theoretically if u could go on a spaceship that could get close to a blackhole without being pulled in and stay there for some period of time. And then fly back to earth then the earth would have aged a lot more years than u would have. So technically its time travelling into the future.

If this was possible, would u want to time travel losing your family and friends as they will die off and then be stuck in the future?


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  • You do know that no one has actually seen a black hole, it's just a theory? But no, I'd rather die with the people I love.

    • Ok yea as much as I wanna time travel, I dont think i would actually do it. But they do have sufficient proof of black holes even tho they can't see them. Its like saying atoms aren't real bc u can't see them.

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    • They can make up anything

    • Yea sure they spend billions of dollars on moon landings just for shits and gigs. I dont think so.

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  • Hell yeah! I'd miss my family and all but the future calls


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  • Boring. I wanna make people I hate die in horrifying ways.