What do you think of this very sad article and video about a Korean boxer named Duk-Koo Kim who died 4 days after his brutal KO loss to Ray Mancini?

on November 18th, 1982?

In case you want me to summarize the article and video for you, two brave and tenacious boxers go at it until Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini stops Duk Ku Kim in the 14th round after a brutal slugfest. Duk Ku Kim collasped into a coma after the match was over, transported to the hospital and then died 4 days laters. Kim's death hit his own mother so hard she committed suicide. The guilt over Kim's death ate up the referee Richard Green so much that he too ended up taking his own life. Ray Mancini was just never the same fighter since Kim's death and even after his boxing retirement, Kim's death still constantly haunts him up to this very day.


  • Reading and watching this had me in a lot of tears :(
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  • This is the risk a lot of fighters of any combat sport should be aware of so it is what it is.
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  • Reading and watching this didn't necessarily bring tears, but it did make me feel a sense of sadness. This is exactly why I don't understand why people glorify violence. It's crazy how many altercations there are on Youtube and WorldStar with thousands of views. Simple fist fights can easily go wrong. If you hit someone hard enough in their chest, their heart can stop beating. I've always been a wild one and I got into several fist fights in my several years in situations where I felt like I had no other choice but I would never take things to that level now unless it was self defense.

    • It's not that people glorify violence. It's usually the casual boxing fans (who are only interested in seeing bloody brawls rather than smart, technical and defensive boxing matches) having too much expectations of a world title fight. The true boxing fans would understand. Plus, Kim wasn't even in his best medical condition when he fought in his last match. There were some boxing trainers and experts saying that he failed a CAT Scan test yet fight the match anyway because of greedy promoters encouraging him to do so. Beside, this specific match was the one of main reasons why boxing world title fights are now reduced from 15 to 12 rounds and now the referees have gotten more cautious than ever with the boxers.

    • No. @Asker People truly do glorify violence. It is crazy the amount of views those videos get. Many people like to watch others being beaten to a pulp. Why do you think they take their cameras out and upload the videos online to begin with?

    • You are focused more on this specific fight: I'm speaking about the way our general modern society functions TODAY, not in 1982 when this fight took place.

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