Do you think our generation will see a war?

My great-grandfather (born in 1923) was a soldier in WWII, though never actually in combat. My grandfather and father weren't in any wars, but people their age were in Vietnam and the Desert Storm, respectively. Do you think millenials will also have a major war? Will it be against ISIS?


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  • Wars enough
    My grandfather was a soldier in WWI, in combat.
    Both my grandfathers died in WW2
    Trough the media I followed the Cold War
    the French Indochina War
    the French Algeria War
    the American Korea war
    the American Vietnam war
    the Israeli-Arab 6 day war
    the failed American Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba
    the American Afghanistan war
    The UK-Argentina war
    the French-American-British Yugoslav war
    The American war in Eritrea
    the French war in Chad
    The civil war in Ruanda
    The Iraq-Iran war
    The American Iraq war
    The American Granada war
    the French-American-British Libya war
    the French-American-British Syria war
    the French war in Mali
    and a few others...
    I had luck that our govt didn't want to fight some war while I was in the Army: I'd have been first line front personnel.

    Wars enough, STOP that folly!
    A war is only the onset for a next war.


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  • We have perpetual war.


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  • The war is happening as I type
    Syria is an international battleground with almost every power fighting there

  • Well, there are wars already, there will always be. Let's wait and see. I just hope my country will not be part of one, I don't wanna die.

    • I'm talking about a major war, like a world war. It affects almost every country in a way, even if they don't fight.

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    • I think that eventually they will, but this case is different. Every country is united against a single enemy, so I'd call it one more was in the Middle East, not powerful enough to be considered a big war.

    • @asker We are already there!! It will wash up on the U. S. Shore soon enough if they don't all shoot each other first.

  • There has been wars for thousands of years. My grandfather fought in WW1, my great, great uncle fought in the Boer war, my uncle went to Vietman, and friends the the Middle East...
    If there is a major outbreak, I fear it will be nuclear and that means curtains for us all...
    There will never be peace in the Middle East, so that war will continue just as it has for thousands of years already...
    Radicals are the current threat...

  • no i think we will likely see the united states fracture into different countries like the roman empire. we are already in the last stage of an empire so as a civilization we dont have much time left.

  • We're already in war, just no one pays attention

  • Probably not. Any disruption to the supply chain would result in total Godhammer wipeout.

  • I don't think we're very likely to see conscription in the west, because any major war between western powers would be too short to bother recruiting new soldiers.

    There will continue to be wars however.


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