Guys, Libra guys age 30 plus, are you just afraid of being alone or just seek companionship?

Libra men, I've read a million times one fear of yours is being alone & that is fine. No problem. But as a 30 something man who claims to have had a million hook ups before but is the type to fall in love at the drop of a hat, when you're in that relationship & you propose 2 months into it, do you even desire sex anymore or just happy being with someone & not alone? I ask because I seem to be too much for my guy & the sex has decreased & well I'm very curious as to why. Sure stress can affect all of us but I guess coming from a 29 year old Leo female "nympho", I just have a higher sex drive. And for me personally, sex helps with my stress. I just don't understand why he seems to want it sometimes & then really seem to push me away other times.


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  • Well... Im a libra... can't say much about sex drive tbh... But for me personally, im not afraid to be alone at all.. With that said, its boring as hell... I mean, im on gag instead of talking and flirting with someone i enjoy being around... So i am actually looking for a serious relationship at 26... I don't know what to say about falling in love... Sometimes i dont think i can, but other times its like i wouldd fall for the right girl realy quickly

  • I really doubt any of this has to do with star sign. Though I am an older libra guy.

    What's 'decreased', what's 'higher sex drive'

    I'm by far the higher drive party in my relationship.

    • Decreased as in he doesn't want sex as often as I do. And higher sex drive meaning I want it way more than he seems to. I'm just curious if other Libras were like this. Thank you for your comment :)

    • Sorry, I mean i know what 'higher' and 'decreased' mean.

      I'm trying to get at how often he actually wants it, and how often you do.

      There's a range of normal and as long as you match it's fine. But if you want it 4 times a day and he wants it 4 a week, you could find someone a bit higher, but it's maybe a matter of managing your drive. If you want it daily and he wants it twice a month, something is 'off' with his.

    • Ok makes sense, that actually really helps! Thank you :) I'm gonna try to tone it down a notch and see how that goes