Are you excited for freed and darker?

Fifty shades of grey are having a sequel and third addition. Are you ready?

Possibilities it might not be made due to controversy between the director and author of the book.

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  • I don't care for them. I didn't read the books, and I don't plan on seeing the movies. To each their own, though.


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  • The first movie was crappy, and basically a fantasy of all rapists and creepy guys out there, cause what that dude was doing is worth of jail time.
    I watched it cause everyone was talking about it... wasted my time, and made me sad so many girls out there liked it, believing that's the way they should be treated by a man.
    I will definitely not see the next movies.

    • Girls subject themselves into that shit. They like it, they vounteer for it. And they can back out at anytime. Just sayin

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    • It's illegal to stalk someone. And even if it wasn't, it's still morally wrong. She's his submissive only during sex time, not 24/7.
      You're 13 and thinking all that is ok, that's exactly why I don't like the movie.

    • I'm much more mature than you'd think. I know this isn't ok and in the minds of some people its inspiring. Yes, its disgusting if it get out of hand. But quite frankly some cases of this in real life is truly misunderstood. Its just a film/book and in that world anything can happen. Some laws don't apply. Some do.

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