Why do I look away when I see a pretty girl? Does that mean I have low self esteem?

When I make eye contact with a girl, I always immediately look away. It makes me extremely nervous and have trouble ever looking at her again. I will even put my back to her, anything to avoid looking at her.

Why is this? Do you do it?

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  • Nervous?

    Low self esteem?

    Just look at a girl.. And smile.. No harm just a friendly smile

    there's nothing to be afraid of


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  • Ur shy dude... Its cool to look, just not every 10 seconds.. Keep the eye contact going for a few seconds, probly about 5... And smile at her..

  • I do it too, but i also have a low sekf-esteem.

  • reflex after decades of fugs.

    if you don't look back, she's not hot enough

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