Is it common to get senioritis towards the ending of your college semester?

Currently I only have 4 courses left and will be done with college (on my way of getting my BA) towards late Dec. of this year, slightly before New Year.

However, I'm been getting bored lately and haven't been feeling like participating too much in the virtual classes. I want to finish already. I've never felt like this before. Dunno why.

So I'm basically bored at the very end... lol
I remember experiencing this when I was in 12th grade, taking a long break after graduating from HS and then getting back to college. Now that I'm nearly done with college, it's happening again.


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  • Yeah, that's common. You've made it this far, buckle down and do it.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I'll finish it... that way I'll have a relaxing New Year.

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